Establishing a company

The process of establishing a company is demanding and requires a whole line of professional operations, knowledge of the relevant laws and especially time. In 30 working days...

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Double-entry bookkeeping

For entrepreneurs and trading companies we keep double-entry bookkeeping externally. We also keep double-entry bookkeeping for entrepreneurs who have an interest in more detailed accounting...

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Wages and agenda

We offer complete processing of wage administration, which includes calculation of wages on the basis of documents from the client, calculation of tax from independent activities...

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About the company

Our company is made up of people who have worked in the field of accounting consultancy since 1998.

We offer complete bookkeeping, wage processing, preparation of tax declarations and representation of clients in tax proceedings. These are activities that are important for every entrepreneur and company working in Slovakia. Therefore, we make sure our services are of the highest quality possible and always in line with valid legal provisions. Experts and auditors supervise the work of qualified accountants. Our priority is an individual approach to each client and his or her satisfaction.

Full compliance of all areas of your business with the requirements of current legislation

Modern approach to efficient management of circulation of documents

Quick access to the information due to personalized reports

Smooth run of support activities, that will allow you to focus on your core business development

Flexible consultancy in your business activities

Contact us

Forcast Solutions s.r.o.

Hviezdoslavovo nám. 174/15, 3rd floor

811 02 Bratislava

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